$293k pot for durrrr + a lot of action

Full Tilt Poker has been full of high stakes poker action lately, and yesterday we witnessed a great pot in a $300/$600 No Limit HU game, when durrrr won a $293k pot from Magicpitch1

$293,000 pot for durrrr

But durrrr actually needed that pot because he was quite much down in the other $300/600 NL HU they were playing.

Patrik Antonius was playing some ring games also, $200/$400 No Limit Hold'em because nobody would join his $300/$600 table. Patrik had a succesful day, winning about $130k.

Patrik's biggest hand in the session, $143k

Nice action on Prima, but alot of problems for us! :(

_EEE_ & luckexpress had a very nice $200/$400 No Limit Hold'em HU, stacks were about $180k - $130k when they stopped playing.

We had alot of problems this day so we are trying to figure out the results, and also put up the largest hands from these sessions.

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