David Benyamine getting back what's his + Full Tilt Poker crashing (2007-02-05)

Yesterday was pretty sick night of poker - you would imagine all these players to be watching Super Bowl but no, they're playing for 6 digit numbers.

Night before yesterday David Benyamine (Magicpitch1) lost clearly over $500k and I could picture him being a bit stressed because of that. Anyway last night he showed everyone how to come back from a huge loss and won over 50% back of the lost money, that being 298k. 

As you may know, LuckyULSA won over $1,300,000 last month in No Limit Hold'em tables, but last night he paid a visit to the Omaha tables and lost over $196k.

Patrik Antonius had a great night before last night and won over $300k but last night seemed to go bad. At his worst, he was down over 200k but came back after winning from CrazyZachary and end up losing only about $30k.

Another Finnish player, Thomas Wahlroos who plays as Susisisu also had a decent night, he left winning $178,000.

Some key hands from last night:


Susisisu wins $100k
Magicpitch1 wins $99k
Luigi66369 wins $94k
Susisisu wins $94k
Luigi66369 wins $91k


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