Luigi66369/Patrik Antonius back on Full Tilt - +$319,000 (2007-02-04)

Well I guess it's easy to notice when Patrik Antonius returns to the high stakes poker games. Well, last night he did as Luigi66369 and sadly (for David) Magicpitch1 was the victim. And now I really mean a victim, because this Pot-limit Omaha session ended up Luigi66369 winning $319,000, and Magicpitch1 (David Benyamine) losing $387,000.

I don't know if Patrik took some time off poker or what happened, but most probably the reason for him not being on January results is because he hasn't really been playing at all online!

At one point it looked like Magicpitch1 and Luigi66369 would play $300/$600 NL HU but Magicpitch1 lost a $20,000 pot and decided to leave. Mostly Patrik's pots were "small", about $40k. If you want to see some hands of this session, see:

All Luigi66369's hands last night
Luigi66369 winning $103k pot which was enough for Magicpitch1
Luigi66369 winning $65k pot, Magicpitch1 as the victim again

For David Benyamine, he ended up losing $579,000 last night when you count both NL Hold'em and PL Omaha results together, not a good start for February.



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