Finnish players on fire!

Finnish players Patrik Antonius (Luigi66369) and Thomas Wahlroos (Susisisu) have had a great February so far.

Thomas is already up $617,000 this month (on Omaha tables), and Patrik won yesterday $300,000 ($140,000 on Omaha tables, $160,000 on Texas Hold'em No Limit tables) so he's up $491,000 on Texas Hold'em tables and $34,000 on Omaha tables this month.

Patrik's last night was great, already being said, he won $300,000. In this hand, he shows how to play 9-8 offsuit against David Benyamine's A-A. A while after that on PLO-table, David Benyamine (Magicpitch1) doubles up Patrik again.

Other big hands by Patrik Antonius / Luigi66369:

Patrik makes a great call against OMGClayAiken
$92,000 hand on PLO $200/$400
5s-4s is worth of $80,000 in Patrik's hands


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