ragen70 Hits a $200k Triple Draw Win

ragen70 atop the daily leaderboard has been a familar site over the past year or so

It's been a while since we've seen regular action from last years biggest winner Niklas "ragen70" Heinecker, but he made a big score at his favoured 2-7 TD tables yesterday, winning $200k from SanIker in a two hour late afternoon session.

SanIker had come into the match off of the back of a big comeback against thecortser, who he played for 3.5 hours a couple of hours before he sat down with ragen70. During his first match, SanIker had gone down over $180k, before hitting a $240k upswing during the final hour to leave the table up $31k.

He started well against ragen70, assuming a $172k lead after just twenty minutes. However, just like he had done to thecortster earlier, ragen70 came back with a vengeance, and within an hour of his high point, SanIker had slumped to a $110k deficit. He did fight back gamely, bringing the match within $17k of even but a final run of cards for ragen70 enabled him to leave the table up $199.9k.

The other big winner yesterday was steamraise, who won $164.6k at PokerStars. All of his profit can be traced back to two tables of $50/$100 PLO, where he faced off heads-up against PimpyLimpy in the early hours of yesterday morning. During the six hour session, steamraise gradually took his opponent apart at both tables, with wins of $104.4k and $87.8k. He lost a little at some later games of 2-7 TD and PLO, but still ended up with a big win for the day

There were no other six figure winners yesterday, with NLHE specialist, Denoking, the days second biggest winner with a $62.5k win atthe $50/$100 NLHE tables. He played for 4.5 hours against donger274, in a match which was pretty much even until the last half an hour, when Denoiing pulled away to leave with his $62.5k profit.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

ragen70 +$199.9k

steamraise +$164.4k

Denoking +$62.5k

Faith#1Virtu +$31.2k

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