Big Win for Carlooo13 as Phil "Polarizing" Ivey lets $500k Day Slip

Carlooo13 was the biggest winner from yesterday's games after a big win over Phil "Polarizing" Ivey at Full Tilt's $1k/$2k 8-Game tables
Phil Ivey was up half a million dollars yesterday afternoon, but by the close of play was only up $54k after some late losses at the TD and mixed game tables

Yesterday' biggest winner at the nosebleed's came from Full Tilt's $1k/$2k 8-Game tables, as Carlooo13 won close to $340k from Phil "Polarizing" Ivey from an 850 hands, four hour heads-up battle.

Ivey started out well, winning a quick $100k within the first half an hour of the match before Carlooo13 started to take control, going on an almost unbroken 3.5 hour upswing to end the match up $338.9k. In total, Carlooo13 won $347.2k after also bagging a couple of small wins at PLO and a lower stakes 8-Game session. He also took down the biggest pot of the day from the Ivey session:

Ivey goes for broke after flopping top pair and an open ended straight draw with two clubs on the board in this $300/$600 PLO hand. He is still an underdog, however, as Carlooo13 looks him up with a pair of black aces in the hole and the nut flush draw. The flush completes on the turn, sending this $131.5k pot to Carlooo13

Ivey was also on the wrong end of the day's second biggest pot, this time from an earlier heads-up 8-Game session against HoldemJill9:

All the money goes in on the flop with Ivey leading with top pair top kicker. However, HoldemJill9 still has the odds in his favour as he flopped an open ended straight flush draw. The flush duly appears on the river and he scoops this $93.8k pot

Despite losing these two big pots and the huge $340k session to Carlooo13, Ivey still ended the day with a profit of $54.2k thanks to some earlier wins.

He started the day winning $310k from a six hour session of $1k/$2k against French pro Rui Cao before moving up to the $1500/$3000 8-game tables against HoldemJill9, where, despite losing the biggest pot of the session, he still ended up winning $104.6k from a three hour session.

Ivey then moved onto the $2k/$4k 2-7 TD ring games where he quickly shot up to a $100k profit playing against the likes of taktloss47, SanIker, and thecortster and at this point was up $500k for the day. However, he ended that session down $29.4k after four hours play, after which he took the huge beat down from Carlooo13. An eventful day for the world's most famous poker player. It looks like it might be another long day for Ivey, as he's already been back at the tables, and is currently up around $100k after an early morning $2k/$4k 2-7 TD session against taktloss47.

Back to yesterday, and it was yet another six-figure day for thecortster, who racked up $112.7k in profits from three Triple Draw sessions, winning $80k from two outings at the $500/$1000 limits and the rest from the $2k/$4k match mentioned earlier.

The only six figure winner from PokerStars was Phil "MrSweets28" Galfond, who won $103.8k after an epic 8 hour three table heads-up session of $50/$100 PLO against Doug "WCGRider" Polk. Polk has been playing a decent amount of PLO of late, perhaps due to the lack of action he is getting at his favoured NLHE tables. Until the last few days he's actually been holding his own against the top regs. However, of late he has come a little unstuck against Ike Haxton, and now against Galfond and has lost a little over $200k in the past few days.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Carlooo13 +$347.2k

thecortster +$112.7k

MrSweets28 +$103.8k

Alexonmoon +$66.9k

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