New Interview Online with Dan "jungleman" Cates

After his recent "Ask me anything" on PokerVIP it looks like Daniel "jungleman" Cates is in the mood for talking as a new interview has recently appeared at

In the interview Cates talks about the relative dearth of online high stakes games at the moment, pointing to both the increase in the skill of the players and the consistent rise in rake as the main contributing factors. However, he does still feel the games are beatable and that there is still plenty of room for improvement and that in his opinion "people still do obvious things wrong", and that the games are still beatable "but not by a massive amount."

Cates also discusses the big games in Asia and the USA and confirms that he'll be looking to get involved in the cash games in Vegas during the WSOP. As far as the tournies are concerned Cates says he'll play the $50k Players Championships and "maybe a couple of others".  but that if possible he will concentrate on the cash games.

Cates once again confirms that Tom Dwan lost a $20m USD pot with "set-over-set" in a huge game in Macau recently, and that he himself lost $5m in Manilla last year (although he says it was his biggest loss at the tables, it wasn't his personal biggest losing session as he didn't have all of himself at the time). He also talks briefly about the "durrrr challenge" and how he still has hopes of completing the challenge,

In fact, jungleman says that his motivation to keep playing the big games isn't even really about the money anymore (and with eight-figures won online alone that's not too surprising) but more about his desire to win, admitting, "There is some sort of internal ego at play"

You can read the interview in full here



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