PokerStars Withdraws from Slovenia

After announcing to stop offering real money games to residents of Israel, PokerStars has now decided to stop its operations in Slovenia as well.

The date of the withdrawal will be already today, which has left some Slovenian players wondering why Pokerstars couldn't inform them earlier. Company's quick decision to leave Israel and Slovenia has also left players in other countries wondering could the same happen to them.

The representatives from Pokerstars have said that the decision to leave from Slovenia was only made recently, and that they do not expect to pull out of any further poker markets "in the foreseeable future".

Here is Pokerstars' official statement regarding their decision to leave Slovenia:

"Our management team regularly review our operations market-by-market to assess commercial opportunities and business risks for our brands. Following a recent review, we have decided to stop offering real money games to players who are physically located in, or have a registered address in, Slovenia from 4 July, 2016. Player balances remain safe and secure, and players are able to withdraw their real money balances at their convenience. We do not currently expect to withdraw services from any other locations in the foreseeable future, and a full question and answer page has been provided for affected players.

We hope that we will be able to return to the market in due course, and will continue to support the implementation of fair and consistent regulation that serves the needs of all stakeholders and includes a strong commitment to consumer protection, particularly of vulnerable people, in Slovenia. There is already a successful framework for such regulation in Europe and PokerStars is currently licensed in 12 EU countries. We hope to apply for a license in Slovenia when it is possible."


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