New Interview Online with Mike "gordo16" Gorodinsky

Mike "gordo16" Gorodinsky has been a regular at the highstakes online tables for the best part of a decade. Primarily a PLO player, he has more recently transitioned to mixed-games. Since Black Friday Gorodinsky has played sporadically online (he's up c.$50k this week on PokerStars), but has kept working hard at his chosen career, playing a lot of live cash and tournaments. In fact, last year he was the WSOP player of the year after cashing seven times including 9th, 3rd, and 2nd place finishes. He also won a bracelet in the prestigious $50,000 Poker Players Championship for $1.27m. Lee Davy at caught up with gordo recently for an insightful interview.

During the course of the interview, Gorodinsky talks about his recent WSOP (disappointing by his standards, despite a deep run in the Main Event where he finished 87th), although he said the cash games in Bobby's room were great.

Mike also talks about his Russian/Jewish heritage and how he left Russia with his family when he was very young as there was a Jewish persecution at the time (Gorodinsky is a Jewish name in case that needs explaining!) and his father got a job at a university in Israel, before the family made their way to the states.

Despite being raised in America, Gorodinsky still speaks Russian, saying that he ends up speaking it a lot in Las Vegas as lots of the players are Russian. He even admits that he models his short-handed game (especially Stud) on a Russian, Alexander "joiso" Kostritsyn. On mimicking other players as a short-cut to success he says, "It’s a good stepping stone. The reality is that not everyone has the time, energy, or skillset to figure out the game organically. A good alternative is to watch the greatest players, figure out their lines, and incorporate them into your play.”

Gorodinksky also talks about his aspirations for the future, his thoughts on charitable giving, his support of Clinton over Trump in the presidential race, and his take on "themadbotter"'s opinion that botting is no more cheating than using third party software to gain an edge at the poker table.

You can check out the interview in its entirety here


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