Another Six-Figure Win for Ike "philivey2694" Haxton

After losing $180k to PLO specialist Daniel "d2themfi" Isaacson earlier in the week Ike "philivey2694" has finally erased his deficit, and after yesterday's match-up now finds himself up over $100k in the pair's heads-up battles.

Once again they met at PokerStars $100/$200 PLO tables early yesterday afternoon where they two tabled for an hour and a half, playing 233 hands in total with Haxton ending the match a $114,081 winner.

It was d2themfi, in fact, who enjoyed the better start, working up a +$50k profit within the first few frenetic minutes of the match which saw full stacks exchanging hands almost every other hand. However, after quickly getting back on even terms within the first half an hour of the match, Haxton proceeeded to dominate as he charted a fairly swift ascent to his six-figure win.

There were no six-figure pots played out, but plenty of $40-$50k pots. See below for the two largest pots of the encounter:

All the money goes in on an action flop with both players catching a piece and a flush draw. Haxton makes a straight on the first run and he has the higher flush on the second run to take this $52.9k pot

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A tough break for d2themfi who leads all the way to the river where he makes a King high flush, only to be beaten at the death by Haxton's Ace high flush - $52.1k pot

There were no other six-figure winners in yesterday's games, with the second biggest high stakes winner, bajskorven87 only managing a $27.3k profit from the $50/$100 NLHE tables, with his profit being made to the cost of DANMERRRRRRR.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

philivey2694 +$114.1k

bajskorven87 +$27.3k

Yoghii +$24.6k

fjutekk +$22.4k

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