Tonybet Now Accepting Bitcoin

TonyBet, Tony G's Lithuanian based poker and gambling site are now accepting the digital currency Bitcoin for player deposits and withdrawals, and apparently the move has paid immediate dividends after the site reported an increase in player activity following the move.

The acceptance of Bitcoin's at TonyBet comes as no real surprise after the sites founder Antanas Guoga (Tony G), a Member of European Parliament, spoke in favour of the digital currency earlier in the year at the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) Committee Meeting at the European Parliament. At the meeting Guoga urged his fellow politicians to purchase Bitcoins, so they could learn to understand them, before creating laws that govern their use. He also lauded Bitcoins as a "perfect example of innovation", and a "huge leap forward."

To facilitate the use of Bitcoins, TonyBet have partnered with the UK & Lithuanian based SpectroCoin e-wallet. Unlike other sites which have used Bitcoins, players at TonyBet will find thier Bitcoin deposits converted to regular currencies while in-play.

According to TonyBet spokesperson Warren Lush the decision to allow Bitcoin as a payment option on the site has led to an immediate increase in new players. Lush said, “With the introduction of Bitcoin deposits, we saw a dramatic increase in recreational punters and poker players especially from the Asian countries who have been struggling to transfer their funds before.”

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