New Online Interview With Daniel Negreanu

Never one to shy away from the tricky questions, the world's leading live tournament money winner Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu has given another of his no-nonsense interviews to leading poker news website

In the interview, Negreanu answer questions on his recently reported on live highstakes games with the likes of Gus Hansen, Doyle Brunson, and Phil Ivey, on huge prop bets, on the evolution of PokerStars, and how he sees the poker scene both on and offline moving forward.

Regarding the cash games, Negreanu says his two main reasons for getting back into them are for the pure fun of it, and also because he had noticed while at the WSOP that a lot of players had got a lot better at mixed-games and he felt that if he didn't hone his skills and get in amongst it that he would lose what he considers his edge and he wants to do well in those games at the World Series.

Perhaps slightly controversially, Negreanu (without naming any names) doesn't think that a lot of the younger players who have transitioned to mixed-games online are very good - he points to their lack of skill specifically in the Stud games.

With regards to the WSOP, Negreanu says he doesn't concern himself with the money, and it's more about winning tournaments and things like "Player of the Year" awards.

When asked about Guy Laliberte's decision to axe pros from the next $1m buy-in One Drop, Negreanu said he is totally fine with it, reasoning that as it is a charity event reliant on a lot of rich amateurs entering, that scaring them off with a field stacked full of pro players is not something Guy wants to do, and as it's his event that is fair enough. He does, however, say that as it is invitational with no pro players, it shouldn't be a WSOP bracelet event.

Negreanu also talks about the way PokerStars has gone and how it is inevitable that the focus had to shift away from being loyal to pro players and to attracting new/recreational players. He also believes that high stakes online poker was never a good idea as wherever there are large amounts of money to be made you attract players developing tracking software and bots, which make the game unfair and less fun.

Negreanu talks about this issues and much more, check out the interview in full here


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