David Williams Tells Million Dollar Swing Story on Poker Life Podcast

A couple of days ago 2004's main even runner-up (and this year's Masterchef runner-up), David Williams appeared as a guest on Joe Ingram's "Poker Life Podcast" and among the plethora of great stories Williams had to tell was a great degen tale a million dollar upswing in Vegas.

The story starts with Williams winning $5k on a sports bet before taking his winnings and moving to the poker tables. As he begins to win more and more, he moves up stakes into bigger and bigger games, eventually sitting down with a six-figure stack at a $500/$1000 PLO game in Bobby's Room playing against Sammy Farha, Bobby Baldwin, Tom "durrrr" Dwan, Rafi Amit, and a couple of others.

As the story progresses Williams keeps on crushing, especially against Farha who keeps leaving the table, coming back an hour or so later and dropping another $100-$200k. By the morning, Williams has turned his $5k sports bet into $900k.

At this time he calls his friend (and fellow poker pro) Nenad Medic who tells him to get away from the game as he's tired and he's run like god to make $900k from next to nothing. Inevitably Williams doesn't listen and is eager to get to +$1m an ends up much later owing another player $250k!

To watch the highly entertaining story in full check out the clip below. Or to watch the entire stream, where Williams also addresses accusations of multi-accounting at PokerStars, his "alleged" appearance in a porn film, and his run in Gordon Ramsay's Masterchef, go to the second clip.

For the full episode see below:



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