Daniel Negreanu Sets Record Straight With Mike Matusow on Pokernews Podcast

As we reported last week, Mike "The Mouth" Matusow blew off some steam on last weeks Pokernews podcast on a whole host of opinions, ranging from his lack on inclusion on the nominees list for this year's Poker Hall of Fame, to his relationship with Full Tilt, it's former owners, and some of his fellow FT team mates, his health, and his opinion of the current poker economy. It would appear that Daniel Negreanu for one wasn't especially enamoured with some of his former friends comments, and was on this weeks podcast specifically to refute some of The Mouth's testimony.

The first thing Negreanu was keen to put right was actually a point brought up by one of the shows co-hosts (which Matusow then ran with), who mentioned that Negreanu had tweeted about how "the figures are all that matter" when considering a HOF nominee. Negreanu came on air to say that he had never said that, and that he always based his picks on the current criteria for a HOF nominee and certainly not simply on figures.

D-Negs also gave his opinion on why he doesn't see Matusow as someone he would currently endorse for the HOF, the main reason being that he wouldn't ever nominate somebody who owes him money and had screwed him over (bang bang!). He also doesn't feel that Matusow has necessarily shown the longevity needed to qualify as he has fallen behind the curve and he also accused Matusow of blaming his problems on everybody but himself when he should be focusing on improving rather than blaming. Negreanu did say, however, that if he was able to get back in the zone and improve his results, and deal with his debts etc, that he would be a viable HOF pick. Negreanu laughed off Matusow's stories about being screwed out of millions of dollars, basically saying that if Mike got everything back he was owed that it still wouldn't be enough to cover what he owes others.

One issue Negreanu felt very strongly about was Matusow's assertion that the poker economy was dying and that there was no money in it anymore. Negreanu said that once again this was simply Matusow refusing to see beyond his own backyard, and the games he was now forced to play in. He said that there are some huge games in Vegas and California and tons more people playing big tournaments worldwide - its just that Matusow has always refused to travel and simply isn't rolled for the juicy action and hence doesn't see any of it.

Negreany agreed to some extents that tournaments with too many rebuys may pose a problem in some instances, but by and large he also dismissed Matusow's opinion that they were irreperably damaging poker.

To hear more of Negreanu's thoughts on the matter you can find his part shortly after the hour mark in the podcast which you can find here


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