Brian Hastings: "I think my MA scandal and Hillary’s email scandal are similar"

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In his new blog post, Brian Hastings has brought up a surprising connection between his multi-accounting scandal and Hillary Clinton's email scandal.

The blog update was written before the election and as we now know it, Donald Trump will be the next president of United States. After going through the election from various aspects is his blog, Hastings finds quite an odd similarity between his multi-accounting scandal and Hillary's email scandal (quoted below).

I think my MA scandal and Hillary’s email scandal are similar – IMO both of us had no malicious intention when we did it (for me – I longed for the days of online poker but researched USA sites and decided I trusted none of them, plus when I tried moving to Canada I became very depressed for a variety of reasons; for her – she realized the government email server was clunky and knew she had a more effective option), but we failed to consider the drawbacks carefully enough (for me – I honestly didn’t realize that players with little-to-no playing history against me would feel so wronged.

In their shoes I wouldn’t care, and when I did play online I assumed others were doing this. But that doesn’t make it right; for her – she didn’t realize how easily her private server could be compromised and jeopardize national security). Although I think I’m overall a much more moral person than her, I think we are both sorry for these mistakes and genuinely wish we hadn’t done them.

Last year, Hastings admitted playing on PokerStars using a VPN from the United States (under the "NoelHayes" account) and received some harsh critisism for his wrongdoing on the online poker forums.

Read the full blog from here.


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