New Ronaldo PokerStars Advert for "Beat The Clock"

To help promote their latest offering to drive recreational players to the site, "Beat the Clock", PokerStars have released a new TV commercial featuring global sporting icon Cristiano Ronaldo.

Beat-the-clock is a brand new fast-fold format from PokerStars released primarily for low-limit, non-pro players. The idea behind the tournament is for players to last for five minutes whilst playing in "zoom" style format with one-minute blind levels. With the ever increasing blinds and antes, combined with the number of hands played, holding onto your chips is harder than it sounds - especially when each player only starts with 12.5 big blinds.

Any player left with chips at the end of five minutes will get a share of the total prizepool based on their remaining chip stack. With buy-ins currently only available at the $1, $3, and $5 limits, this format is clearly squarely aimed at the casual player who might want the fun and excitement of a high-octane game but who don't necessarily want to spend too much time or money doing it.

Check out the new Ronaldo advert below or head over to PokerStars if you fancy trying it out for yourself.

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