FishInABarrel scoops Global Poker Bounty Series Victory

It was Bounty Series time on Global Poker this past week and Sunday saw some huge scores as the US-facing site drew in the crowds for the grand finale of the head-hunting series, with ‘FishInABarrel’ topping the tables with victory in the SC100k GTD…

By: Andrew Burnett

There was SC117,600 in the kitty when 588 entries rocked up for the Sunday Major, a Progressive Bounty Deepstack that would see 90 players paid and 4- and 5-figures cashes at the final table.

That final nine saw the excellently-named ‘Joey The Finger’ grab 8th place, although California’s ‘VladdyP’ had already taken some very sweet bonuses on their way to 9th place, almost SC4k in total.

‘RunGood2513’ from New Jersey was the first player to bag a prize above SC5k, just missing the podium, and that left three in the fight for a share of SC30k, with the bounties increasing as the event ran deeper.

Third-place would go to ‘ChivaChris’, leaving ‘Wildcard YEA’ from Georgia and  Ohio’s ‘FishInABarrel’ to fight it out for top spot. There could be only one, of course, and it was finished off in style with a full house bagging the final bounty and a total of  SC16,406.57…

1 FishInABarrel  SC16,406.57   
2 Wildcard  SC9,383.89   
3 ChivaChris  SC6,689.03   
4 RunGood2513  SC5,343.05   
5 Gho0ost  SC3,739.30   
6 KTKC  SC4,386.66   
7 Jacifer  SC2,459.15   
8 oey The Finger SC1587.60   
9 VladdyP  SC3,881.09 

Earlier in the day it was the SC35k Deepstack PKO on the menu, with 376 entries chasing the big prizes up top, and 63 players looking at a cash.

Massachusetts player ‘TARK’ took the first four-figure payday with 7th spot and SC1,311, while Maryland’s Sean ‘Seanell’ Connell made it all the way to the podium, a 3rd place finish worth SC2,666 for the Talking Global poker podcast co-host.

That left the Californian duo of ‘Vla’ and ‘Luckboxlarry’ to fight it out for top honours, and it was the imaginatively-titled ‘Luckboxlarry’ who came out on top, the win worth SC5,806.43.

1 Luckboxlarry  SC5,806.43   
2 Vla  SC2,813.25   
3 Seanell  SC2,666.02   
4 El_Fap0  SC1,911.35   
5 MarkFromDark  SC1,433.82   
6 Otto124eam  SC1,164.57   
7 TARK  SC1,311.10   
8 HolySmokes  SC910.02   
9 Poiuyt  SC763.65


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