Bill Perkins and Landon Tice Add Extra Side Bet to Their Heads-Up Challenge Match

Landon Tice has tweeted an update to the conditions for his upcoming heads-up match with Bill Perkins. The pair are due to open hostilities in the near future in a challenge that is a little different from what we have become used to over the last year.

By: Mark Patrickson

Massive Head Start for Bill Perkins

A match of $200/$400 is always worth watching. Pots regularly breaking the $50,000 barrier make it easy to swing over a million dollars. And here we have a young 22-year-old upstart who is now establishing himself in the high stakes scene taking on ultra-rich hedge fund manager Bill Perkins—a man who can burn $1 million to keep himself warm while eating breakfast.

The 9bb/100 is what makes this really interesting—over the 20,000 hands match that equates to a $720,000 head start. Can Bill Perkins hang on against what even he admits is the superior player?

With the side bet things get even more interesting. That’s pretty much a cool $1 million on the line now, even if most of it won’t be Tice’s own money. We’ve heard that as much as 90% of Tice’s action has been sold to backers, but it doesn’t really matter for what this challenge is all about.

Giving such generous terms is typical of a young man’s confidence that he fancies himself to succeed whatever. The match is rumoured to be kicking off next month but no dates have been confirmed as yet. We can’t wait.


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