Antonius and Benyamine in PL Action

Yesterday we saw alot of big stacks on the Omaha tables! In one session David Benyamine quit the table with a $289k stack but since he made some rebuys in the beginning of the session he was just up about $123k, he mostly won this money from Phil Ivey and Gus Hansen.

Top set against a very nice drawing hand, $152k pot

A couple of hours later we had two new sessions going on and ofcourse both Benyamine and Antonius was sitting down at the tables. This time it was Antonius who left one tables with a very nice $199k stack, but the same thing here, he had also made some rebuys so he was just up $80k on that session

If we are looking on the final results from yesterday Antonius was up about $164k and David Benyamine up about $67k

Antonius hits the perfect turn, $54k pot



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