The high stakes database is an exclusive service that keeps track of the biggest poker games online. Here you find professional poker players' results in online games back to 2007. The poker results update every 24 hours and cover Full Tilt and Pokerstars.

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About the high stakes results - Monitored sites

HighstakesDB first started tracking the online high stakes poker games in January of 2007. Initially only Texas Hold'em results and Omaha results were part of the games monitored, but as the games progressed and games shifted, both more poker rooms and games have been added. It now features a majority of the high stakes games and variants played at two of the world's biggest online poker rooms, Full Tilt and Pokerstars.

Restrictions on the results search

The high stakes results for the past seven days can be searched freely when logged in, and will show the complete list of winners and losers within the selected period for all poker rooms, players and stakes tracked. If a longer period is queried there are certain restrictions put in place as per an agreement with the poker site Pokerstars.

When a period of more than 7 days is queried the restrictions are:

a) No losses incurred by Pokerstars players will be displayed
b) Pokerstars and Full Tilt players that Opt-Out will not be displayed

Please note that the above only applies to Pokerstars and Full Tilt and not other poker rooms HighstakesDB may track. See the results disclaimer for more about the high stakes tracking.